Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

Month: August 2019

Future of Urban Logistics

Due to the rapid urbanization and the ever-changing consumer demands and the emerging new channels of distribution, urban logistics gets challenged daily. This only refers to the process of optimizing the logistics and transportation activities of private companies and with the support of modern information systems in urban areas. It also takes into account environmental …

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Why Third-Party Carriers Perform Last-Mile Delivery Excellently?

E-commerce sale is a global activity and with the rapid increase in the trade. With the services of last-mile delivery, the market is open to companies and organizations willing to tap into this market. Third-party delivery providers put significant pressure on retailers to seamlessly meet customer expectations across devices, boards, and locations throughout the world. …

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The On-Demand Business Model

The on-demand business model has taken over the traditional business models faster than it was anticipated. For the reason that the on-demand delivery market is all about speed, convenience, accuracy, and quality, it has become the consumer’s first choice. The Rise of On-demand Business Model In the past, ownership was the core of the business …

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