Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

Advantages and Disadvantages of Next Day Delivery Services

Today’s world has been shaped by many factors and has resulted in a consumerist mindset. These factors include the media and the internet. The consumer sitting at the receiving end of this chain between product, media, internet, and availability has led to much competition between the sellers. The consumer sees something he/she needs or wants, and the next step is to buy it. In today’s world, the buying part is usually just a click away. In addition to this, the consumer out to window shop also has the potential to buy the product immediately. Some products cannot be conveniently carried home, and this is where the subject of this article comes in. In this article, the central focus will be on delivery services facilities, which are same-day delivery and next-day delivery. More specifically, this article will focus on the next day delivery advantages and next day delivery disadvantages.

The fast-paced world of today doesn’t wait for those businesses that aren’t willing to upgrade their services along with their product’s quality. Those who have recognized present-day trends know that their business will die if they don’t keep up with their competition.

Nowadays, people running their businesses are aware of a specific phrase called instant gratification. They know that getting the ordered product to their buyers in time is very important, for there are some businesses that offer same-day deliveries and some that offer next day deliveries.

What does next day delivery mean?

Next day delivery means that the product will be delivered to the consumer after one day of the order. Sometimes it also means that the product will deliver one day after the courier has received the package.

In both options, a day’s delay is mandatory. This option finds somewhere between same-day delivery and 3-5 day delivery. It is sometimes also referred to as overnight delivery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Next day Delivery

Everything has its pros and cons; below are some of the next day delivery advantages and disadvantages:


·  Money Factor: Next day delivery advantages

Next day delivery has several advantages. The very first advantage, which is also a significant factor to consider is the money factor. This is the firm concern of a businessman when it comes to figuring out how to deliver his product to the user. This option is more cost-effective for the business; this means less workforce will require making the deliveries. This cuts down the money spent on hiring more people for deliveries.

From the buyer’s point of view, this option may be wallet-friendly as well because it will cost the buyer less and sometimes nothing to get their package a day later than it was ordered.

·  Predictable arrival times: Next day delivery advantages

From businesses that have a vast network all over the countries of the world, the expectation of next day delivery is widespread. Especially from Amazon, eBay, and even Walmart! There have been instances where some packages come within the exact time-frame. In some instances, the given time maybe 2-3 days, but the delivery happens the next day due to their vast resources and workforce.

Similarly, some local businesses also deliver on time. But due to lack of resources, the ratio of successful deliveries as compared to unsuccessful ones is a bit lower.

·  Flexibility for the user: Next day delivery advantages

This option of delivery provides the user with the flexibility of cancelling the order within a given time-frame. This flexibility doesn’t necessarily apply to all the products or all locations. But to keep the user comfort and ease in mind, it exists. This also means that the user doesn’t have to go through a lengthy process of returning. If they change their mind about the bought product!

·  Delay risk: Next day delivery advantages

For large businesses, a delay in the package delivery is sometimes unheard of. This may apply to the products that are present at their warehouses and no involvement of external vendors. Usually, when a local vendor involves a package may take two days to get delivered. That is clearly stated just before you check out and make any financial transaction.

In case the product is available at the warehouse, the next day delivery is prompt. Delay risk is less when you order online through this option.

·  Cut off time: Next day delivery advantages

Considering that e-businesses are open 24/7, there is technically no cut-off time for orders. Anyone can order anything online and add 24 hours to that time to predict the time of the item to deliver. This brings in the ease of delivery to the client.

·   The loyalty of the customer: Next day delivery advantages

Due to the flexibility and success rate of this option as well as it being the middle ground in terms of pricing, next day delivery has a loyal customer base. Consumers who have had bad experiences with businesses that offer same-day delivery and charge more, don’t want to go through that ordeal! They are always searching for businesses that provide nominal delivery charges and can deliver the next day. Keeping in mind customer satisfaction, providing the consumer with this professional and reliable delivery option is the best way to go.


·  Costly return policy: Next day delivery disadvantages

Businesses usually offer a return policy to give the buyer peace of mind. This process automatically becomes tedious and time-consuming when it is doing for next day delivery. Once the item delivers, which will take a day, the return would at least take two more days (in some cases, maybe even more). This breaks the instant gratification cycle.

When a business is using an external courier service, it becomes expensive for the company and for the buyer to return the item. As far as the next day delivery disadvantages are concerned, some businesses charge half the price of the item when returning it to cover the additional cost of picking the item up through a courier. So, in the end, the buyer ends up spending with nothing to show for it.

·  Money factor: Next day delivery disadvantages

Next day delivery disadvantages include the money factor when the customer has to return the items. This can be beneficial for the business but isn’t exactly feasible for the buyers. This option costs more than the standard 3-5-day delivery charges and still has a day’s delay.

·  Less appealing: Next day delivery disadvantages

Next day delivery disadvantages encompass today’s consumers who expect a business to deliver the same-day; this option may seem very unappealing. Some demographics show that a consumer may even abandon their cart after seeing next day delivery on the items they have purchased.

How online businesses are affected by the next day delivery

Today, E-commerce consists of two lines of work; some are home-based and small, whereas others are corporate giants. Both need to meet the demand-supply chain requirements.

Local and home-based businesses may access nationally and global, but providing next day delivery for them could be quite a hassle. This might even result in lesser profit margins due to the delivery costs of the external couriers.

For corporate giants who have their delivery services, next day delivery disadvantages are far less than the next day delivery advantages. It might not be an issue due to the sheer amount of variety of products they have. With a network that extends far and wide, these businesses may not have any problems delivering the next day of the order unless the product is coming from an external vendor! These large businesses also provide relief to the buyer by keeping the delivery charges to a bare minimum and in most cases, nil.

Next-day Delivery vs. Same-day Delivery

For food companies, next day delivery disadvantages outweigh the benefits. This option is not feasible, given the conditions in which perishable items are kept; local businesses that want to flourish need to find products that do not overlap with the products of corporate giants. This can only accomplish if they start offering antiques as well as products. They can use local vendors who do not supply to corporations like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon, etc.

Delivery services in Dubai

There are several delivery services available in Dubai. They give the options of same-day as well as next day delivery services. These services are easy to access online and have a user-friendly interface for new customers. They also provide various packages for businesses that have large orders to deliver. They have competitive prices and may customize the package according to the business needs.

Many small, home-based setups use these services and have been able to expand their trade. Due to this fast-paced and economical delivery service! The delivery service providers nowadays also give the option of picking up from the warehouse or company outlet. They deliver to the customer’s doorstep within the same day. This is another attractive feature for company owners.

Some delivery services have also kept the option of making deliveries which are quite large at varying prices. This also gives an edge to these delivery services over others because they provide a maximum amount of flexibility to their clients. They offer their clients to choose from the vehicle options to choose from, as well.

Most companies provide their on-ground staff with gadgets. That gives them updates about orders and deliveries in real-time. This is an excellent investment in the long run as well as the short run because it keeps everything organized and coordinated. This also allows the buyer to track the progress of their package in real-time.

The real-time tracking is best used for food items as well as products that need to deliver the next day. Some delivery services are completely integrated with Google Maps. This means the buyer will know where their product is at any given time.

Innovation and advancements in delivery services

The Delivery system has come a long way from postal delivery services to real-time platforms to allow deliveries to be on time. Next day delivery services are flexible and more organized; therefore, they allow less risk of failed deliveries.

The companies with a significant hold on markets invest in analyzing buying patterns and have successful forecasting systems. This means that they keep upgrading their system According to the supply-demand chain in real-time. This need for a real-time system is also necessary because their web presence provides a real-time platform for ordering products. Without this online presence, the company would wither and die.

Next is the allocation of inventory and zone allocation of the warehouses. This is a long-term investment, unlike the past, when people transported and stored the items for 3-5 days. Product availability validation has also been a great hassle in the past, but due to ERP and real-time contact between the business and the warehouse as well as extensive inventory systems, this has become easier than ever. Space and time are both saving by next day delivery.

Technology in delivery services

Companies hire and invest in making simple interfaces just to run their businesses smoothly. Today all a company owner has to do is explain his needs to the software designer who will make an interface with features that assist the salespeople at the front-end (in stores) and the back-end (the warehouse staff). The websites are also designing in a way that proves to be user-friendly. Many businesses offer real-time help through chat to eliminate any delay a potential customer might be facing while they browse and buy items.

Many marketing tools may use like coupons that allow next day delivery on items that other businesses might deliver in 2-3 days. Companies have invested in customized apps that the buyers can download and forget about ever entering their shipping details or card information again. With Google Map integration within these apps, it becomes easier for consumers to track the package.

Real-time chat services are also available within the apps, so all the gaps that might have been there aren’t there anymore. The exact drop-off locations can send to the drivers.

Large corporations have also invested in packing plants that help with customized packaging. All the orders get to sort through their customized systems and categorized accordingly. This is where corporations win the race of innovation. It becomes harder for local companies that use local packaging through vendors and other cheaper options to pack their products that are ready for delivery.


Like everything else, there are many next day delivery advantages and disadvantages. As an overview, it can observe that the advantages outweigh the next day delivery disadvantages.

From a local business point of view, it is a little difficult to offer the next day delivery service. It takes an extensive amount of ERP and investment in out-sourcing the deliveries. But it is necessary for today’s competitive consumer market to have options like next day delivery.

Since it is a new trend and has been introduced by large companies, it is essential to observe their model under a microscope and make tweaks according to a small business model to compete, since most consumers are looking for a quick, easy and affordable delivery.

Lastly, providing this service shows that a business cares with its professional and timely management of the delivery! With a customer, who realizes this about a business, it will become easier to spread the word about how great a company is. It is like getting free marketing.

News about a functional, user-friendly, and professional business that has an instant delivery system helps local businesses flourish at a rapid speed because word of mouth is everything. A happy customer is a commodity in many ways, and with each happy and satisfied customer, a local business can spread like wildfire.