Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

How Our On-Demand Delivery Service Can Help You?

Yes, we know the importance of product delivery to the overall client or product servicing process. From manufacturing to extraction, to the service sectors, the bulk of the pre-delivery services amount to waste if the product or service doesn’t get to the consumer – or gets there late. Now, imagine the frustration when you send an urgent package through a delivery company. You wake up to your lucrative and frustrated client who hasn’t gotten his parcel yet! Moreover, the company tells you: “Oh! Apologies. On-demand delivery service is not our niche. Product delivery is in 3 days.”

Let the emotional and financial distress sink in for a moment.

To avoid the above situation is just the reason you should only outsource product delivery to professional on-demand delivery companies, in the interest of business growth and consumer satisfaction. In the same vein, on-demand services – which is provided with the instant you request for it – remains an essential go-to choice for any individual who needs to get a package to someone with immediately.

Hence, in this article, we’d be shedding some more light on on-demand delivery services, how it works, and what it entails. We will also share the distinctive features of the ViaMe on-demand delivery service, how our on-demand delivery service can help you, and much more.

On-demand delivery definition

How can you define on-demand delivery?

In simple terms, the on-demand delivery is the instant, immediate, or prompt delivery of a product to a customer. It involves the all-day availability or stand-by of a delivery company to carry out instantaneous or scheduled delivery of a product to the end-users, as soon as the customer clicks the “check-out” button.

State of on-demand delivery services in recent times

Today, instant results are something everyone looks out for in a delivery service. We click on a button and expect rapid response and gratification. That consumer expectation has, over time, spread to the delivery market with more and more customers awaiting the arrival of products at their doorstep within minutes of paying for the items. Gone are the days when delivery of products within 3-5 days was a source of untold joy to customers. At the moment, delivery within a few minutes or hours is the new expectation.

Now, the real magic lies in the arrival of a package with an hour or two of its request. However, there are a low number of merchants and couriers who provide on-demand services at the moment. It can perhaps be said to be responsible for the slow growth of eCommerce. Subsequently, in a recent survey, 49% of shoppers opined that same day shipping or on-demand delivery would make them more tending to shop online.

On-demand delivery: Last-mile or first-mile?

Shipping and mass fulfilment, for example, customers’ doorstep delivery, remains an intense, complicated process for merchants in the delivery market.

Courier services, big or small, can afford to cheaply move mass quantities of products around the world at a time. However, it’s the last journey to the customer’s footstep, also known as the last mile, that creates the costly challenge. It’s an individual drop and not a mass. Hence, on-demand services are only useful for solving the last mile delivery difficulties. Check out our article titled “The Changing Market For Deliveries” for more expositions on last-mile delivery.

On-demand delivery services are not available for first-mile delivery because it is unfeasible – due to the unprofitability – that a shipping merchant would transport a single product from waters to waters, all in the name of quick delivery. Even if they did, the cost of such shipping would always outweigh the cost of the product itself.

On-demand delivery versus other types of delivery

For you to vividly understand the importance of on-demand delivery services and their outstanding differences, let’s compare and contrast it with other sorts of delivery services.

Scheduled delivery

The next best type of delivery service is scheduled delivery, right after the ultrafast on-demand delivery service.

With it, customers typically receive their packages in the range of 2-3 working days. Where, however, there’s so much distance to cover, it can take weeks before the package reaches the customer’s doorstep. Here, a customer selects a time in the near-future for delivery (or pick up), or the delivery service provider provides slots for delivery.

Whichever one it is, a customer cannot get instant service, like those that on-demand customers enjoy. The upside of the scheduled delivery, however, is that it is cheaper and more affordable than on-demand delivery services.

Subscription-based delivery

This type of delivery is planned, just like scheduled delivery. However, the distinction is that it is recurring, not one-time. So, the delivery is repeatedly made over a period that the customer has specified.

Thus, subscription-based customers sign up for weekly, bí-weekly, or monthly deliveries of items they want, and they delivered to them for the days they have signed up. Obviously, this is being used in the food and drinks industry since they are human needs that are predictable.

So, a company that desires daily delivery of lunch to its employees can opt-in for this type of delivery service. However, delivery is made after the subscription date, since the food vendor needs to plan it. Nonetheless, it remains cheaper than on-demand delivery services.

On-demand delivery in Dubai

Globally, the adoption of online on-demand delivery service has been induced by the increasing drive of millennials to get everything fast running online. In the same vein, the growth of online on-demand delivery services has also been triggered by the wide accessibility of modern smartphones with which consumers acquire and exchange information.

In Dubai, there are a plethora of on-demand delivery startups with plenty more joining in daily to tap into the market. However, the majority of these on-demand delivery companies specialize in the food delivery sector.

A 2017 report by KPMG declared that more than 87% of surveyed food operators in the UAE Food and Beverage industry, are listed on delivery apps.

For those of us that are conversant with the Dubai economic sphere; this isn’t at all strange, nor should it come as a surprise. Dubai and the rest of Emirates that make up the UAE, are notorious for adverse weather conditions for most parts of the year. It is why on-demand delivery service has become more of a regular lifestyle than a luxury that it is in Europe and the rest of the world.

What distinguishes ViaMe on-demand delivery service from the competition?

You may be thinking about how this all ties with us. Its quite simple: ViaMe offers you top-notch, qualitative on-demand service that sets it apart from its competitors. We combine our vast experience in the delivery market along with an armoury of new, sharp, and efficient technologies to avail you instant delivery, wherever you are in Dubai. Here are some highlights of why you should choose us:

Wide experience

Despite being an emerging startup, ViaMe can be said to have extensive experience through the combined expertise of its team. Our team comprises of professionals with several years of industry experience under their belts. The leadership team includes a successful entrepreneur in the service industry that covers events, technology, media and marketing; another who brings his strong background in real estate to the table; as well as a financial wizard with several years of practice in the financial services industry. With all of these varying capabilities that these distinguished individuals are bringing to the table; ViaMe has the industry experience and knowledge of what works in today’s market, to deliver outstanding services.

With this information in your possession; you should know by now that we are familiar with the business and how best to deliver the on-demand delivery services you need.

Continuous employee training programs

Additionally, it is essential we make known to you that all of our employees from the bottom up, have undergone several training programs soon after there were employed to strengthen their skillset and know-how about their job descriptions further. Importantly, our on-demand delivery drivers; because of the urgency of their job description – are schooled on the ethics of road safety and professionalism. Therefore, you can rest assured that your sensitive items are safe in the hands of our well-trained and reasonably-educated on-demand delivery drivers.

Responsive customer services

At ViaMe, we understand that it is our ethical and professional duty to put our customers in-the-know about their product delivery. We, therefore, prioritize efficient customer service such that when you contact us about updates on your on-demand delivery; we give them out to you in real-time. So, whether you are a corporate entity or a private individual that has secured our on-demand delivery services; you can be sure that your inquiries with respect to your delivery, shall always be promptly responded to.

Technology adoption

Our on-demand delivery service team boasts of quick and efficient technologies with which we can guarantee that your on-demand delivery request will be adequately met. Depending on the volume of your package; we have motorcycles and vans that can be on the run at a moment’s notice of your service request. Additionally, these transport mediums come equipped with tracking feature with which you can monitor delivery in real-time.

Also, our dedicated on-demand delivery app is always available for your use in requesting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alternative delivery options

Besides on-demand delivery, we have several other delivery packages and types that you can choose from if you change your mind about on-demand delivery. You can always choose from our scheduled, subscription-based delivery packages, and you can be assured that your requests will be timeously obliged.

Affordable pricing

Because on-demand delivery services are still a pretty new concept; it is possible that you may receive quotes that are on the high side. But, at ViaMe, we offer our on-demand delivery services at affordable rates that don’t break the bank. Despite that, we still offer top-notch instant deliveries for you with no cut-back at all on the service quality side.

Working hours

Of course, the parcel and package delivery don’t precisely fit into the regular 9-5 working hours schedule since parcel delivery requests can come at any time during the day. Nonetheless, several on-demand delivery startups have limited working hours when it comes to on-demand delivery service. ViaMe distinguishes itself from the pack in that we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to take your on-demand delivery requests. We are always on standing-by to receive and carry out your order all day and week-long.


The quick and instant service that comes with on-demand delivery service is not without its risk; tell us what there is in life that has no risk though. But, ViaMe has viable on-demand delivery insurance that can cover your package when some unforeseen eventualities come in.

Familiarity with locality

If at this point you think current technologies can offer efficient service without human input, you sure must be living in the future. Technologies like satellite navigation render a lo of help in on-demand delivery services. Even then, we still can’t altogether remove the considerable importance of human input and skill. In this wise, ViaMe on-demand delivery drivers are very much familiar with the local road network. They will get your delivery to you, no matter the daunting difficulty or obstacle they face, like road misnaming, diversions due to constructions, and many more.

How ViaMe on-demand delivery can help you?

Whether you operate a business and are looking forward to sending products to your customers ASAP. Or an individual desirous of sending packages and parcels to other individuals. Our on-demand service can help you in several ways. Some of them are:

ViaMe on-demand delivery: Stimulate growth

With our extensive experience and adoption of new technologies, our on-demand service can help your business grow. Avail the instant delivery of your products and services to your clients and customers. You sure must know that the timely delivery of products aids customer satisfaction and in the long-run, customer retention. As you retain more and more satisfied customers, so would your revenue base continue to increase – all thanks to our on-demand deliveries.

ViaMe on-demand delivery: Affordability

On-demand delivery service generally is cost-effective since you do not need to hire a courier or dispatcher full-time. Nonetheless, with ViaMe on-demand delivery service, you can additionally enjoy instant deliveries at a fraction of what you would otherwise get from our competitors. We thus help you cut down on overhead delivery cost without sacrificing on quality service.

ViaMe on-demand delivery: Convenience & ease

With a tap on a button, you can secure our on-demand service on our app to help do deliveries for your business or personal life. No documentation. No hassle. Get everything done in your comfort. With fast delivery assured, we help you to focus squarely on your business.

ViaMe on-demand delivery: Ease all delivery worries

Our on-demand delivery service is also distinctive in that it helps ease all your delivery worries on all packages. Most of the on-delivery companies out there only offer on-demand delivery on select types of products and sizes. With ViaMe, all of your parcels, fragile or not, big or small, can enjoy instant delivery.

So, you can agree by now that on-demand delivery service is the way to go for instant deliveries and naturally, ViaMe is the right choice.