Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

ViaMe For You

Simply do more from anywhere!

Why wait for deliveries when you
can get them instantly!

Our focus is on you. We are bringing the power of instant deliveries for individuals who can’t afford to waste time in traffic or forgot
important items which they need immediately. Our professional fleet of drivers are here to assist you as your personal driver to bring your
items from location A to B in an hour.

How our delivery service works

Our simple and innate flow makes sending and receiving packages fast and convenient.

1. Get the app

Download ViaMe on your preferred device, register and create your

2. Schedule a pickup or delivery

Select the type of service you want, book a pickup or delivery

3. Track your package

You can track your package from the minute you book until you receive your package

4. Rate your driver

A driver’s overall rating reflects the successfully completed deliveries to the customer’s satisfaction, your rating helps others when selecting a ride.